# FAQ For Bespoken CLI

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about our CLI.

# Networking

# My organization uses a firewall - how do I use your tools with it?

Your firewall needs to allow access to the following domains:

  • *.bespoken.io
  • *.bespoken.tools
  • *.bespoken.link

If white-listing by IP is necessary, the following IPs should be included:

  • (virtual devices)
  • (bst proxy)
  • (other services)
  • (other services)

We use the following ports for our services:

  • 443
  • 80 (bst proxy only)

Please note - the IP addresses above are subject to change - please contact us via Gitter (opens new window) if you have white-listed all of the above and are still having problems.

# My organization uses a Proxy - how do I use your tools with it?

To run our tools through your proxy, you need to set the HTTPS_PROXY env variable.

On a Mac, open up a terminal and type:

export HTTPS_PROXY=http://<proxy-url>:<proxy-port>

On Windows, open up a command line and type:

set HTTPS_PROXY=http://<proxy-url>:<proxy-port>

# Errors

# I get an error trying to connect using the bst proxy

When using the bst proxy, you may see an error like below in the console:

INFO 2019-11-26T08:25:38.444Z Connected - proxy.bespoken.tools:80
ERROR 2019-11-26T08:25:38.449Z Socket closed by bst server: proxy.bespoken.tools:80

This is most likely due to a firewall issue.

See this answer if your organization/household uses a firewall.

Additionally, you can send us the bst-debug.log, which will be found in the directory where you ran the bst proxy command, to us via Gitter (opens new window). This provides additional information on what is happening.