# Getting Started With The Bespoken CLI

# What is the Bespoken CLI

The Bespoken CLI are a set of tools created by us to let you develop faster and better. Do not slow-down for:

  • Time-consuming server deployments
  • Over-complicated and highly manual testing routines

# Installation

To install the Bespoken command line tool (bst) do:

$ npm install @bespoken-sdk/cli -g

Note: If you are on MacOS and the command fails, it is probably because you need to run it with sudo, like this:

$ sudo npm install @bespoken-sdk/cli -g

Verify the installation by typing:

$ bst

Haven't used npm before? We have you covered: How To Install NPM (opens new window)

You will then be able to use our commands, described below:

  • Init Sets up a Bespoken test project
  • Proxy Proxies the AWS Lambdas, Google Cloud Functions, and HTTPS services locally to your laptop for debugging Webhook-based code
  • Speak Sends utterances directly to the real Alexa
  • Test Runs Bespoken tests on the local machine
  • Test Suite Runs Bespoken tests defined in the Bespoken Dashboard

You can also use:

  • --version, -v - Indicates the current BST and Node versions
  • --help, -h - Shows usage information

# Updating

To update bst:

$ pnpm update bespoken-tools -g