# Accuracy Testing Overview

# Getting Started

Check out our online accuracy tester here (opens new window):

It allows you to evaluate a few of the major ASR providers on the market.

# The ROI On Accuracy Testing

We provide our in-depth Accuracy ROI calculator on our blog. Even for moderate call volumes, the savings can be immense by improving how well users are understood:

# Sample Results

To view the type of data we provide as part of our IVR accuracy evaluations, take a look at this benchmark (opens new window):

Here is an example of results from an NLU accuracy evaluation (opens new window):

# Going Deeper

To setup an in-depth accuracy test for your IVR, we need a few parameters to configure it:

  • Type of model being evaluated (ASR, NLU, transcription, intent classification)
  • Current platform/platforms being utilized
  • Languages and accents being tested
  • Common environments in which users are interacting with the system (in-car, on-the-go, at-home, etc.)
  • Phrases and intents that are considered problematic

Send an email to support@bespoken.io with this information, and we will coordinate for a customized accuracy test for your application.